How to install WordPress from Cpanel Right Way

WordPress is the most popular and powerful website builder CMS in the world. It created 33% of the websites on the internet. Because WordPress is easy to install, it easy for anyone to make a website.

All web hosting companies allow installing WordPress with just one click or a few clicks. In this tutorial, we will show you how to install WordPress from Cpanel. You can easily install WordPress within five minutes.
We will show you how to install WordPress on Cpanel by using one-click install scripts like softaculous

Step – 1: Login your Cpanel Account.

First, log in to your Cpanel account. Type your domain name/Cpanel on your browser. And enter now, you can see the Cpanel login page. Then, enter your username and password that you received from your web hosting provider and press the login button.

Step – 2: Cpanel Dashboard.

Now you can see the Cpanel dashboard on the screen. And also, you can see the text box on the top bar. Type in the text box “softaculous” and press enter. On the screen will be displayed WordPress. Click “wordpress” and proceed, as shown below.


Step – 3: Choose a domain name.

On the next screen, you will see the WordPress overview. Click on the ‘install’ button. You will be taken to the setup page, as shown below. Choose your protocol. The recommended is ‘https:/www.’ And if you have an SSL certificate for your domain, you can use https only. Then choose your domain below.

softaculous cpanel

‘in directory’ text box, you can leave and need to blank this box. If you type ‘in directory’ text box, it will install WordPress under the subfolder.

Step – 4: WordPress site details.

Next, you will see the setting panel as below. Enter your website name and description. Then enter your admin username, password, and email. Those details you will need when login to your WordPress admin panel. Select your language and scroll down to proceed.

On the next screen, you can select some plugins (optional). Then choose your theme (you can change the theme any time). Then enter your email address on the email text box for installation details. Finally, click on the ‘install’ button.

The softaculous installer will be checking the submitted data and make WordPress installation within 3 minutes.

Now, ‘congratulation’ WordPress has been successfully installed at:

Your domain

Administrative URL

We hope the WordPress installation process was easy

Step – 5: Test the installation.

Login to your dashboard by typing the administrative URL e.g.,
Now your installation is complete, and you will be taken directly to your WordPress dashboard.
We hope you can install WordPress from your Cpanel. Softaculous has done everything for us. You don’t need to create a database and no need to download any source code.

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