How to hide feature image in WordPress post

Do you want to hide a featured image in your WordPress post? This article will show you how to hide the feature image in WordPress’s individual post.

Many of the themes controlled feature image option to hide feature images. If you don’t have a feature image hide option in your theme, you can use a plugin.

Hiding feature image in WordPress

First, you need to install and activate the hide feature image plugin. No need to configure for this plugin. Where you want to hide the feature image edit the post. You need to scroll down on the edit screen, and then you will find the ‘show or hide feature image’ box.

You need to check the box to ‘hide the feature image’ option. Now you can save you post and preview it. Then you can see it hide your feature image. And if you want to show the feature image again, edit the post and uncheck the hide feature image option.

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