6 Best WordPress Caching Plugins for Speed optimization

In this article, We will provide the best WordPress caching plugins for website speed performance. all of the plugins are available in free and paid versions.

Why need a WordPress caching plugin?

WordPress caching plugin is the most important for your website speed performance. A slow loading site increases your website bounce rate and will hurt your conversion rates.

If your site speeds lazy, you can’t rank on the search engine. So if you want to rank your site on google, bing, or other search engines, you need to speed up your website to get more traffic.

Here are the listed best WordPress caching plugins.

1. WP Rocket

Wp rocket is the best WordPress caching plugin on the internet. It is a clean and comfortable customizable plugin. You can quickly speed up your WordPress website without touch any single line code.

It includes cache preloading and static file compression. You can easily minification all files such as HTML, Javascript and CSS files. Minification files mean fast to load your website.

It also includes lazy loading images to help to improve the load time of the page.

2. W3 total cache

W3 total cache is the most popular WordPress caching plugin. It helps to reduce your website loading time.

It integrates with the content delivery network (CDN). So you can easily set up your CDN server and get a faster load of your website. They are trusted by millions of publishers, web developers, and web hosts.

It is compatible with most hosting such as shared hosting, virtual private, Linex server, etc. also supported with mobile and secure socket Layer (SSL).

You can also minify all files or pages like HTML, CSS, Js files, etc. browser caching using cache-control, future expires headers, and entity tags with caching. However, you can quickly speed up your website without change your existing theme, plugins, etc. using the w3 total cache.

3. Wp super cache

Wp super cache is another popular WordPress caching plugin. Most of the hosting company recommended this plugin for speed optimization. It includes all the recommended caching features.

Wp super cache will be caching all static files and dynamic content. To speed up your website performance.

Super cache has its own plugin system. It is easy to use, and you can easily configuration of your site. and available good documentation for set up.

It provides all settings like simple caching, compresses pages, cache pages for known users, cache rebuild, CDN support and extra homepage checks.

4. Wp Fastest cache

Wp fastest is another free popular WordPress caching plugin. It helps to speed optimize your website and also improve your SEO ranking.

When a post or page is published automatically, all cache files are deleted. No need to manually delete all cache.

It has many features such as enable/disable cache option, SSL support, CDN support, preload cache and much more.

It comes with a premium version to get many extra features like minifying CSS, minify HTML, combine CSS, JS, disable emoji and much more. Mobile cache and widget cache are available to get fast your website with wp fastest cache.

5. Cachify

Cachify is a WordPress caching plugin. It helps to cache your custom pages, posts and also static content. You can be cached on the web server’s hard drive. It was even ready for WordPress multisite.

Cachify supported with the automatic cache system. Compression of all HTML, CSS files. It also includes apache and NGINX server settings.

6. Comet Cache

In this section, we will share the comet cache review. Comet Cache is a caching plugin for WordPress.

Comet cache realizes in 2016, right now 60000+ over active installs. It has advanced features such as caching clearing behavior for all pages, user-agent exclusion, automatic cache support, WP-CLI compatible and much more.

It also comes to the pro version, that’s you will get a lot of extra features. All of the features help to increase speed up your website.

Comet cache premium version includes features like static CDN, multiple CDN, Auto-cache engine and much more.

We hope in this article to help you know about the best WordPress caching plugins for your website.

So let’s install your favorite caching plugin and speed up your WordPress website.

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